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John McAlpine is serious about creating quality content that contributes to your success. But you know what else is even more important? Results. By sharing with you the strategies and tactics that get results John hopes that you will be able to implement these so that you can achieve the things you dream of.

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John McAlpine is CEO of Resource BanQ Group, an investment company specialises in investing private companies.



John McAlpine Builds Businesses

John McAlpine is the chairman of Resource BanQ Group, a conglomerate holding company, and the active CEO of Young Adventurers, a fast growth Montessori Early Childhood company.

In the late 90s, John started his first company selling computer parts and systems while at University, utilising online auctions, which was unique for the time. John then went on to grow and expand a media and marketing company. And during the Global Financial Crisis, John was able to raise $12 million for the acquisition of a global brand.

Reaching Customers Globally

John McAlpine is travelling globally to show you everything you need to know to get your business growing. Speaking and consulting to business owners who have a desire to achieve their own greatness.

The world has become a smaller place and the way you think about your business may very well need to take into account a global market.

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“…it may sound great to follow a superstar or a famous person in their field, but it doesn’t always lead you to your successful outcome. Thus, I would encourage you to seek those who understand where you are right now and can help you get you to where you want to go as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

– John McAlpine

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